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Escaping the seductive embrace of worldliness requires us to be vigilant. We must shun all distractions, deception and alluring digressions. Like repentant prodigals, we need to persistently run to our Father�s protective and loving embrace. Even our temporal survival depends on this.

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Be inspired and strengthen your resolve to worship God. 

An old hymn by William P. Merrill calls us to:

"rise up . . . and have done with lesser things"

We must awaken to what is happening in our world and flee to God.

Vital Truth and Precepts examines the following topics:

          God�s Supremacy - Sovereignty, Tri-unity, Creation and the Reality of Evil, God�s Omnipresence, His Benevolence, Immutability and Christ�s Absolute Perfection;

          God�s Absoluteness and the implications � Absolute Love, Mercy and Grace, Absolute Truth, Absolute Goodness;

          God and Humans - Purpose and Prospects for Creation, Roles of Creation, Future Prospects;

          Culpability and Grace - Retribution and Recompense, Guilt and Innocence, Choice and Consequences, Sin and Detriments, Punishment and Justification, Rewards in Heaven;

          Salvation - True Gospel and The Purpose of Calvary, Coming to Faith, Saving the Lost, Perfect Salvation, Response and Faith, True Godliness;

          Salvation And Freewill - God�s Love and Human Freewill, Purpose and Extent of Human Will, Human Will and Consequence;

          Salvation Realities - Reason and Responsibilities, Regeneration and Knowledge in Time, Sanctification through Time, Ultimate Glorification, Right to be God�s Children;

          Prayer - God and Our Prayers, Benefits of Prayer, Biblical Asking, Effectual Fervent Prayer, In The Name of Christ, Intercession of God, Our Intercessory Prayers;

          Victory - True Faith Evidence of Victory, Conflicting Natures Evidence of Victory, Word of God Evidence, Full Joy Evidence and the Universal Testimony Evidence;

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